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Why is planning and scheduling software important for cleaning companies?

In order to successfully run multiple building projects, efficient and clear project planning is essential. The last thing you need is a gap between estimated and real costs. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to adjust based on constantly updated management information. Our smart planning software Link2construct makes this possible, so construction phases and subprojects connect seamlessly.

What elements are contained in our planning and scheduling software?

Link2construct planning software was developed specifically for the construction industry. This means you can utilise convenient features that optimise the most important processes in your organisation. Think project management, time registration, capacity planning and equipment planning. In addition, our planning software links to virtually any financial and estimating software.

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What are the advantages of Way2connect software?

Managing different construction projects becomes a lot easier thanks to the advantages offered by Link2construct planning software:

  • Specifically developed for the construction industry;
  • Realtime monitoring of project status;
  • Digital sharing of current status with others involved;
  • Insight into capacity requirements and long-term availability;
  • More grip on materials and equipment;
  • Accurate time registration and monitoring of the Working Hours Act;
  • Integration with other ERP systems such as financial and estimating software;
  • Efficient communication with workforce, subcontractors and customers;
  • Digital availability of files, forms, permit applications and plans;
  • User-friendly and fast;
  • Fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • Fast and always accessible service desk with construction industry expertise.

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The possibilities are endless

Find out how Link2construct suits your organisation. Apply for a demonstration, so I can show you how our planning software works. Together, we can increase the efficiency of your building projects.

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