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The advantages of smart software

With Link2construct planning software, you can manage different construction projects effortlessly. Thanks to constantly updated capacity planning and realtime management information, construction phases can connect seamlessly. The result? Smoothly running construction projects, sufficient workforce levels and materials, fast invoicing and satisfied customers!

Smooth project planning

Clear project planning with updated information on progress and budget management.

Capacity planning

Always know people’s availability and the long-term capacity needs of multiple building projects.

Time registration

Hours worked are registered at phase level in the Link2construct app and forwarded to payroll administration automatically and in compliance with labour agreements.

Digital work orders

Work orders can be signed directly by clients via the Link2construct app, making them ready for immediate invoicing.

Inventory management

Link2construct keeps precise records of what materials are used on which project. Very convenient for the work planner!

Workforce planning

You send available people with the right skills and right equipment to a project and can easily update the planning during the day if needed.

Management information

Linking data in clear reports yields important management information that’s always available for efficient decision-making.

Software links

Link2construct communicates with all ERP systems and can easily be linked to estimating software, for example.

Quality control

Easily monitor quality of projects to be delivered by designing your own forms within Link2construct, for example.

Equipment planning

Via Link2construct you can easily reserve equipment required and monitor which projects it is being used on.


Forms such as checklists are processed digitally by your workforce, enabling better monitoring of your construction project’s progress.

Remuneration management

Link2construct delivers the input required for correct remuneration according to existing labour agreements, for example by marking overtime as such.


Link2construct will send automatic notifications via e-mail or text message so workforce and clients are quickly informed.

Portal for the End Client

In the online Link2construct environment, clients always have access to the construction project status and other progress reports.

Authorisation of work rolls

Set the rights and restrictions for each employee with ease. We keep safety in mind!

Can your construction planning be more efficient?

Say goodbye to outdated management information and manual administrative work. Successfully run any construction project with ease thanks to Link2construct planning software. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration and find out how our software suits your organisation!

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