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How can smart software provide construction planning?

For each project, the construction planning is key. It is crucial for your projects that there is no gap between your estimates and the actual realisation of a project. It’s up to you to guard this process, which can be far from simple. Time sheets arrive late, invoices are not in yet: insight into the actual costs of a project versus the estimated costs is sometimes hard to come by.

The good news is that this can be largely automated through smart planning software for the construction sector. Link2construct software processes time registration digitally, work orders are signed on the spot and invoices are automatically prepared in your ERP system. Inventory positions are also automatically updated. Buying orders are drawn up and equipment reservations are digitally managed. All information is digitally available, providing you with up-to-date management information at all times, wherever you are. In addition, it’s easy to keep colleagues, subcontractors and clients current on the status of each building phase through automatic notifications.

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What is the added value of our software?

Link2construct offers you everything required for efficient construction planning in one dashboard. Thanks to aspects like up-to-date status checks and insight into capacity needs and long-term availability, it is now a lot easier to connect different construction phases seamlessly. In addition, our planning software was developed specifically for the construction industry. It is very user-friendly and can be integrated in any ERP system.

Can your construction planning be more efficient?

The possibilities are endless

Drawing up and monitoring construction planning for multiple projects has never been this easy. Thanks to Link2construct smart planning software, you have all elements at your disposal digitally, anytime and anywhere. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration and find out how our planning software suits your construction business!

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