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What is project management software for the construction business?

Smooth progress on a building project demands keen project management. But what exactly does that entail? How can you manage different construction projects successfully? In any case, a clear overview and good management information are essential. Any manual input from paper work orders and time sheets, for example, would not be productive. It is time-consuming, sometimes illegible and can even get lost.

By largely digitising project management, time can be saved and efficiency greatly improved. Smart planning software for the construction sector can help and even enable automation of certain elements of your process. Think processing of digital work orders, keeping time registration, making and monitoring equipment planning and obtaining insight into future capacity availability and requirements. Because this is all done digitally, a building project can be fine-tuned in a timely way, based on constantly updated management information.

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What is the added value of our software?

Using Link2construct, you can easily monitor multiple building projects thanks to convenient reports and dashboards. In addition, the chance of missing important deadlines is decreased considerably if you use automatic notifications. That way, you will never lose control of the transition from one phase of construction to the next or of the delivery of a subproject! With realtime insight, anytime and anywhere, into the essential elements of your project management, adjustments can be made in time. The results are fewer mistakes from manual input, lower costs, more time, more work satisfaction and more satisfied customers!

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