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Realtime management information

Differences between estimated and real costs can be instantly monitored thanks to up-to-date status checks and time registration at the right phase of construction.

Capacity planning

Permanent insight into workforce availability and long-term capacity needs at multiple construction projects.

Smart integrations

Link2construct planning software links to any ERP system as well as other business systems like estimating software.

Lightning-fast support

The 24/7 economy demands 24/7 accessibility. Our support team is ready for you!

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The advantages of Link2construct

More than just planning
Save time and money

The results of simpler, more efficient working? Less manual input, fewer errors, lower costs, more time and more work satisfaction.

Smooth project planning

Clear project planning based on updated information on progress monitoring and cost accounting.

Customer satisfaction

An optimised building process and clear planning ensure on time project delivery and satisfied customers.

"Daily practice shows us that automation of the planning process means time savings of 13.4% on average for construction firms. Project leaders have real-time information on the status of construction projects, enabling them to act on it on time. This improves lead times and provides substantial cost savings."

Bas Otting, Adviseur Link2construct

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