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What is equipment planning for the construction sector?

Equipment planning is an essential element of any construction project. The moment of delivery is crucial. Delivering equipment or materials to the site too early means risking storage problems, damage or theft. At the same time, late delivery is also unwanted as it disrupts building progress. So how is the right balance achieved?

In order to always have the required equipment available at project sites, clear and unambiguous planning is indispensible. Equipment planning should, at a minimum, provide insight into what equipment will be available when. Link2construct shows tasks planned at a glance, including the equipment reservations required. This way, you can always monitor equipment availability at the moment needed and where other equipment is being used.

What is the added value of our software?

Smart construction planning software allows you to automate and digitise equipment planning for the most part. How does this work? The construction planning tells you exactly when you will need certain equipment. You simply reserve the equipment and are notified in case an excavator, for example, is not available. This prevents a project from shutting down when work cannot continue without certain equipment.

Equipment must be both available and in good working condition. Machines and equipment must therefore be maintained and possibly certified regularly. This is a considerable responsibility that becomes much easier to handle when assignments and agreements can be planned in advance. Fortunately, this is also possible via Link2construct: by planning recurring maintenance automatically, there are no unpleasant surprises.

Can your equipment planning be more efficient?

The possibilities are endless

Manage any building project successfully anytime and anywhere, thanks to having insight into availability of equipment needed. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration and find out how Link2construct suits your construction business!

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